Types of Dirt Bikes
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Types of Dirt Bikes

There are a few different types of dirt bikes out there. They change their features and characteristics depending on what and where they are meant to be used. Two stroke and four stroke engines, air and liquid cooled, all factors that affect performance and how these bikes react in different situations.

The biggest differentiator with dirt bikes is whether it is meant to be ridden on or off road, or both. Off road only bikes can’t be driven on the roads or highways on the way to the off roading site, so the rider has to hitch it on a trailer to get it where the trail is.

Dual sport bikes also exist, which are made to be a 2-in-1 compromise, although plenty of regular bikes are made to have added off road capability. This list will help you to choose what kind of dirt bike is the right one for you.

Here are 5 types of dirt bikes:

Recreational Bikes

These are generally the beginner dirt bikes. If you are new to riding, this is where you should start.They start at fairly cheap rates, and are usually 4 stroke, air cooled bikes, with a comfortable suspension and a fairly low seat level to allow for less experienced riders to get the hang of dirt bikes.

Trail Bikes

This is more of a general category in which lots of bikes fall into, however, they are specifically made to ride trails. These bikes will typically be more expensive, have better tech and suspension, and higher seats to allow more suspension travel. These bikes are used for competitions and rallies, and cost a pretty penny if fully loaded.

Motocross Bikes

These bikes are specifically made for motocross competitions and races. THey have much higher power threshold, better performance in the engine and steering, and stiffer suspension for higher speeds. These bikes are fine tuned to be raced, and so every detail comes at a cost.

Dual Sport

This is the biggest category, having many different sub categories available in the dual sport sphere. These are typically road legal bikes, and range from almost no offroad capability to be able to go down any trail. Some of these bikes compromise from both sides and are put into one package, however, some are trail bikes that have been modified to be street legal. Sizes can also range depending on engine size and purpose.

Mini Bikes

These bikes are much smaller compared to traditional dirt bikes. They have a set speed limit, and is for teaching children and young adults to ride. They are not highway legal, in fact no license is needed to ride one of these, great for recreational riding.

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