5 Tips for Storing Your Atvs in The Winter
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5 Tips for Storing Your ATV in The Winter

ATV’s are recreation vehicles used in the summertime, but what do you do with it during the cold months of there year? Simply leaving it around is a mistake, as many problems can arise such as rust, and tire and suspension damage, and can drain the life of your ATV.
5 Tips for Storing Your Atvs in The Winter
These are 5 tips to storing your ATV in the winter:

1. Find a good, indoor spot

If it is impossible to store it inside, at least have it under a roof. This is probably the most important factor, as leaving your ATV outside during a harsh winter can almost guarantee rust and other engine or battery problems. Garages or sheds are usually the place to put them.

2. Another important step is to drain the fuel

This step is optional for metal tanks, but if your gas tank is plastic, draining your fuel is a must, including any fuel lines and carburetor. If your gas tank is a metal, you can leave your fuel inside, however you should mix in a stabilizer. Stabilizers get rid of any moisture, and avoids water freezing and thawing in your tank.

3. Clean the filters and change the oil

The air filters are probably used up by the time winter rolls around with all that summer riding. To keep everything clean and running once you bring it back out again, change the oil, filters, and give everything a general clean. You don’t want any dirt to get stuck or leave stains.

4. Make sure to cover the vehicle, whether its indoors or not

When covering it, use a breathable fabric or cloth. Using a plastic sheet or tarp will trap any moisture that gets inside, leaving high chances of rust. Get a high quality fabric cover to get rid of any possibility of rust or trapped moisture.

5. Inflate the tires.

No tires can hold pressure for months of storage. Leaving your tires inflated when storing is a good habit to have, because it can prevent damage to the wheels if the tires are fully deflated. You will still have to inflate them before you ride again in the spring, but its a safe practice to do.
With these tips, storing your ATV should be a piece of cake. Once the winter passes and you want to start riding again, you can get back into smoothly without having to worry about problems arising over the past months. Make sure you follow these tips to have your ATV looking brand new for the next spring time ride.

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