5 Safety Tips for Electric Bike Riders
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5 Safety Tips for Electric Bike Riders

Electric Bikes are classified in the same group as regular bicycles, meaning you don’t need insurance, licenses, or registration to ride one.

They can however, travel faster than the speed most people would ride their bicycles, so there are some extra safety precautions to take when riding an E-bike. A lot of these tips can be applied to regular bicycles but should be taken more seriously when on an E-bike. Here are 5 safety tips for riding electric bikes.

Keep Tires Inflated

Keeping tires at the right pressure ensures that in emergency situations you can swerve and move out of the way or avoid pedestrians in a short amount of time. Having properly pumped tires gives you the extra few milliseconds of response time when it counts. On top of the added control precision, fully pumped tires will add range to your E-bike.

Wear a Helmet

One of the most basic ways to protect yourself, and something that any bike rider at all should put on before riding. Nobody has to argue the benefits of helmets, in a situation where it counts, a helmet might save your life. Riders are required to wear helmets if under the age of 18, but obviously it is a good idea for every rider to wear one.

On top of the necessary head protection, you can try to get a full cover motorcycle helmet with a visor for added protection and gain style points while you’re at it.

Never Wear Headphones

Listening to music or taking calls through earbuds or headphones is a dangerous idea when riding.  Covering your ears can prevent you from hearing the traffic and noises around you. Instead, listen with the bikes sound system, or if it doesn’t have one try to get a bluetooth speaker on board that your phone can connect to.

Wear Bright Clothing

Most deadly bike accidents happen at night, this is logical because bikes are much smaller than cars and drivers have to be able to see them properly. This is why riders need to make sure they are clearly visible to everyone around them.
Make sure you have clothes on that can be clearly seen, or at the very least not wearing all black when riding at night. Another way to ensure this is to have enough reflectors and lights on the bike itself, such as rear red lights or spoke lights spinning with your wheels.

Ride on the Right Side of the Road

With a maximum speed of 32km/h allowed on E-bikes, riding on main streets can be very dangerous. Not because of the speed, but because of other drivers and the general distaste they have towards bikers. Try not to get on drivers’ bad sides by sticking to the right side of the lane close to the curb if there is no bike lane. This will give enough space for them to pass you and gives less incentive for road rage. Along with the other tips and a healthy dose of caution and vigilance, E-bike riders can enjoy their rides and be safe while they’re at it.


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